Kids water park case

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Artificial wave making project of Yuhui indoor children's water park in Junxian County, Henan Province

Junxian is a famous historical and cultural city in China and the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art. Junxian county is located in the northern part of Henan Province, in the transition zone of Taihang Mountain and North China Plain. It has jurisdiction over 6 towns, 1 Township and 4 streets. In 2015, it has a population of 710000. With an area of 966 square kilometers, the county enjoys the reputation of "Liyang collection, gujiuzhou".


Yonghui water park is located in Liyang Shuangmiao village, 6km north of the east of Junxian County, a beautiful ancient city. Zhengzhou Yongjie water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. contracted to build Yonghui indoor water park in Junxian County in April 2017, which took three months to put into use, with a total area of more than 2500 square meters and a total investment of more than 1.3 million yuan. The equipment included in this project include: swimming pool water treatment equipment, artificial wave making equipment, water park equipment and children's water playing equipment, which are all designed and installed by Zhengzhou Yongjie water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. The project is divided into three swimming pools: wave making pool, swimming pool, children's pool and swimming pool with an area of more than 800 square meters. Children's pool has a water level of 0.5m, swimming pool and wave pool have shallow water area and deep water area, shallow water area has a water level of 1.2m and deep water area has a water level of 1.7m. Artificial wave making equipment uses wind to make waves, with a wave height of up to 1.3m. Water treatment circulating filtering equipment and accessory pipes are all domestic famous brands. The water amusement project and water treatment equipment of Yonghui water park are all constructed by Zhengzhou Yongjie water treatment equipment Co., Ltd.

Design concept:

Adopting the modern design concept of water park, focusing on creating the "unity of man and nature" of aquatic products, combining with the latest development trend of artificial wave making, tourists can experience the modern theme of amusement and create a happy and passionate water city landscape space.

Zhengzhou Yongjie water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. completed the project independently from design to equipment installation. The whole time was only three months. After the completion of the project, experts from all walks of life praised it and the investors unanimously affirmed it. In this case, Zhengzhou Yongjie water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. also wishes Junxian Yonghui water park a prosperous business! I also hope that Yongjie company will make further efforts to create more excellent products! Based at home, looking forward to the world!