Swimming pool chemical

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The water in the swimming pool shall be collected and captured by the hair collector first, and then pumped into the water through the filter tank to remove the floating objects and purify the colloid in the water, and then into the heat exchanger, where the water is heated to maintain the temperature of the pool water. In the swimming pool, the circulating water treatment with the swimming pool is completed, and then the toxic water is used.

1) the requirements for filtration accuracy are relatively high, reaching 5 microns.

2) save space: there is no need to operate the room, because today's land price is too high, our equipment will be your better choice.

3) no pipeline: our equipment does not have any pipeline, which can solve the problem of pipe explosion.

4) automatic dosing device: full automatic dosing device for our equipment. You only need to put the medicine into the dosing equipment, and the medicine can be dissolved into the swimming pool automatically. If you think there are too many drugs, you can close the dosing valve yourself.

5) water suction device: our equipment has one machine and two rows of efficiency. The dirt at the bottom of the tank can be directly inhaled into the filter bag through the motor in the equipment or directly through the sewage pipe fittings through another sewage discharge device.

6) multi function integration: our equipment has been equipped with underwater lighting, stainless steel escalator and other equipment, no need for similar products.